Honda’s Open Study Model

Honda OSM 3 Honda’s Open Study Model

Honda OSM Honda’s Open Study Model

Honda OSM 2 Honda’s Open Study Model

The Honda car makers a back with a bang and this time they are all set to launch the Open Study Model this year. The sports has very stunning look which can easily make you fall for it. Apart from the stunning looks, this sports car is very eco friendly which makes the car become very fuel efficient. The Open Study Model is basically a two seater, convertible sports car which was initially unleashed at the British Motor Show in London, in the year 2008. This hybrid concept car has been specifically designed by Honda’s R&D centre at Offbench in Germany.

The car has very low fuel emission, which just adds up to some smooth and comfortable driving. However the interiors of the car are just too impressive and are a literal eye catcher. The, hi- tech tachometer comes with a blue illumination and the speedometer has been fitted upward on an electrical board with a separate sectional view of a front panel. All buttons and levers are compactly laid on the right side of the driver. However the digital dash of the car remains the same and is very much similar to the upgraded and stylish Honda Civic.

The exterior of the car has been given some excellent features, with new front lights that give blue illumination. The car engine comes with 1.3 litre gasoline engine and an electric motor. However the Honda car makers believe that the car can give a very good competition to upcoming next generation cars. It is being even said that the initial production of the car is yet to start off as Honda had no plans as such to produce this new conceptual car. The Open Study Model has a robotized manual gearbox with paddle shifters to either sides of the steering wheel. The low emission of fuel gives an ultimate joy ride.

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