Kahn’s new car project: The Porsche Panamera Car Saloon

Project Kahn Porsche Panamera Kahn’s new car project: The Porsche Panamera Car Saloon

Project Kahn Porsche Panamera 2 Kahn’s new car project: The Porsche Panamera Car Saloon

The sports car company, Porsche is indeed lucky that it manufacturing the all new stylish and classy Panamera sports car. It is lucky because the company in just a period of five months time in one single year has manufactured nearly 10,000 units of the car. The sports car is a huge hit on the road and the response is overwhelming. The success of Panamera has brought many opportunities its way and many other automobile companies are joining in with the company.

The proposal of launching the sports saloon and other the aftermarket industries joining in was of Afzal Kahn and his unit. Porche is a very famous British company which is mainly known for its Land Rover designs. The British company has now designed an extremely stylish car which consists of a 10 piece aero kit. The 10 piece aero kit includes wheel arch extensions, front and rear bumpers and a rear spoiler. The interior of the stylish car is a mixture of leather, carbon and wood which gives a new look to the interiors and on the other hand, the exterior of the car has front LED strips and RS-600 alloy wheels. The name Panamera has been derived from the Carrera Panamericana race.

Porsche had earlier designed few car prototypes and concepts of the four-door car which were never produced. The biggest competitors of the Porsche Panamera car are full size luxury sedan such as the BMW 7 series and the Mercedes-Benz S series. The car has been derived V8 engine of the Panamera S and Panamera 4S, the V6 retains the V8′s technologies like Direct Fuel Injection, infinitely-variable intake camshaft adjustment with variable valve lift, an on-demand oil pump, water cooling with thermal management, a variable intake manifold, as well as integrated dry sump lubrication with two-stage extraction of oil and, and an Auto Start-Stop function.

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