Le Mans to witness the demo run of Honda CR-Z Hybrid Racer

Honda CR Z R 1 Le Mans to witness the demo run of Honda CR Z Hybrid Racer

The new buzz in town is that Honda the Japanese automakers are all set to campaign a CR-Z race car – hybrid version at the 2nd Le Mans Vers-Le-Futur which literally means Le Mans to the Future. Automakers from all over the world will participate which includes Nissan who will also be a part of the exhibition which will showcase its all electric and productive LEAF Nismo RC. The chassis of this car resembles a leaf so Nissan was helpless but give the car a leafy name. Let’s see if the leafy car is eco-friendly too. The exhibition is dedicated and ardent to showcase Le Mans Future racing cars.

The Japanese company is proud to introduce their all new CR-Z race car which is a hybrid. The Le Man Vers Le Futur is the platform for prototypes to embody the forthcoming. The car will generate 200 horsepower and will be powered with a 1.5 litre cylinder engine.

The CR-Z will be driven around the track by famous driver for demonstration. Honda which is known for producing convenient hybrid cars had showcased the CR-Z last year at the SEMA show in the rocking and happening Las Vegas. The car has been powered by Honda performance Development – HPD.

The HPD has tuned and developed the car to a fine coupe and has tested it in all conditions to face all the race conditions. Technically speaking, the car is the epitome of excellence and has a bright future ahead. Maybe that is why; it is in the Vers Le Futur.

Considering there are various tests for hybrid cars such as fuel efficiency test, road trip, emission tests. But the CR-Z has actually challenged the prototypes by getting involved in a 25 hour endurance test.

Let’s hear it for the future excellence!

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