Limited edition of 500 Pop-Bi to be rolled out by Fiat in Japan

Fiat 500 Pop Bi Limited edition of 500 Pop Bi to be rolled out by Fiat in Japan

Fiat 500 Pop Bi 1 Limited edition of 500 Pop Bi to be rolled out by Fiat in Japan

Who does not like to own a vehicle and especially if it is a limited edition car from the well reputed company Fiat it is just the ultimate one can put one’s hand on. Let us speak a little about Fiat. Fiat or Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino is a car manufacturer from the classical land of Italy. The Fiat 500 or to speak it long the Fiat Nuova 500 is in the market from 2007 onwards. It is a much coveted car since its introduction but the latest model of the series, limited edition 500 Pop-Bi has fueled the indomitable urge of the car enthusiast to possess one at the earliest.

A bit depressing news is that one has to travel all his way to Japan to buy this limited edition 500 Pop-Bi Fiat model. Painted with a unique bumble bee texture the car has a colour combination of yellow and black paint. It is available with both roof of the fixed variety type or the canvas hood type which can be retracted at will. The colour texture also extends to the interior except the roof. The raving machine is charged with a sixty nine horse power engine and a gear box which is automatic with four cylinder and eight valve system with automatic transmission.

Let us now speak about some of its features. It has a headlamp of halogen type with a correction controller optical axis. It has also an electronically controlled door mirror and an intermittent type wiper control function at its front. It has door handles with chrome finish and the rear window has a defroster function. The car has a lot to offer for the comfort of the passengers with seat and door pockets.

This dream car however comes with a hefty price tag which is two million hundred thousand yen or twenty six thousand dollars.

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