Lotus to Launch Esprit by 2013

Lotus Esprit 1 Lotus to Launch Esprit by 2013

Lotus Esprit 3 Lotus to Launch Esprit by 2013

Lotus Esprit 4 Lotus to Launch Esprit by 2013

Lotus is one of the modern car manufacturers in the world. Right now the top brass of Lotus drafted pilot projects to release one-off super cars. The outcome of this future plan has been given concrete shape when the company participated at the international car exhibition by gifting Esprit car which is more fuel economic and efficient. The CEO of Lotus is Dany Bahar who has declared in a press note, beloved Esprit will be seen in the showroom by 2013. Though the major technical specification has not been flashed anywhere in the electronic media and newspapers, it has been confirmed by the reliable source that the car will be tuned using more powerful and result oriented drive train, automatic transmission, carbon diffuser, exhaust system along with other car accessories which will perform excellently. Instead of depending on 5.0 liter capacitated Toyota power train, there will be more dynamic power train inside the engine compartment of the futuristic car. The doppelgangers of the vehicle will be more beautiful. The exterior aesthetic quality of the vehicle will be marvelous. The mind blowing color combination is really eye-soothing as it provides excellent panoramic view and brilliant aerodynamic picturesque.

The interior space of the vehicle compartment will be utilized by inserting squads, leather upholsters and other car accessories like odometer, infotainment system and street nav device. The ergonomic steering wheel is easy to operate. The headlamp bezels will be attached to the frontal part of the car compartment. The severity of the carbon emission is unbelievably low.

The car wheelbases are rimmed with rubber tire bands which are gripe safe and capable of producing sufficient traction to prevent skidding. The scuttle shake is absent. The drag-in engine co-efficiency rate is very low to enhance the swiftness of the vehicle. The car compartment is naturally light in weight. The magnificent glamour of the cab is really a matter of attraction for those who like to use sophisticated vehicles. The technical orchestration has been done with proper care to steer clear of possible drawbacks. The structural rigidity has been removed. The dampers of the car are capable of sucking shock to minimize the road friction.

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