Maininki Car- More Eco-friendly and Fuel Economic

Maininki 1 Maininki Car  More Eco friendly and Fuel Economic

Maininki Maininki Car  More Eco friendly and Fuel Economic

The more modern technology, the more technically advanced vehicle will be available. In past scientists and automobile engineers were searching for a sophisticated car which would act/perform as a greenhouse. Antti Eskeli is the well known car designer. Antti has applied innovative ideas to upgrade a new car with greenhouse effect.

According to experts, the exterior surface of the car is insulated with glass sheet. It reflects light fantastically. At the same time, there is adequate space inside the vehicle. Eskeli has done lot of research and trials to design an ultra-modern vehicle which will be less weighty with low carbon emission tendency. The glass insulation has given the new dimensional change to the car. There is adequate space for the four car passengers.

2011 Michelin Challenge Design Showcase will be more glamorous with the introduction of Maininki concept car. However, one of the car critics and analyzers has told reporters that the roofline is surprisingly low with massive glasswork. In between, the car designer has published few colorful snapshots of Maininki car for public view. This concept car is also equipped with four wheelbases which are remarkably well adjusted to the front and rear axle bars. The car seats are retractable and easy to adjust. Tire bands are not wimpy. The dampers of the car are capable of sucking shock for the enhancement of better stability and uniformity in the maneuver of the vehicle. The interchangeable glass roof is really an excellent part of car upgradation program. There are other car accessories like odometer for the distance measurement, tire pressure measuring device, along with the sophisticated speedometer. The ergonomic steering wheel is flexible and easy to care. The leather insulation has been used properly to provide extra safeguards to dashboard, squads and steering wheel. This vehicle is absolutely eco-friendly. The vehicle is fuel economic.

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