Market Suzuki SX4 in the US market

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It is really a thing of the past when drivers used to drive almost blindly on road in places which are little known or totally unknown to them. Now science has an answer for them. It is called the Global Positioning System or GPS. The Garmin Nuvi is one such system which provides real time data on a colour display panel including traffic volume, driving directions etc. It has also a built in clock.

Recently the famous car company Suzuki has been accused of dualism. Whereas the non U.S. models will be available with a compact in dash unit for navigation the United States versions of the models will have to remain satisfied with the removable Garmin Navi system which will be placed on the top of the dash board of the car. The models outside United States will however come with an integrated five inch panel display with touch screen which also is equipped to handle audio and other blue tooth operations.

It is perfectly justified that such a step motherly attitude towards United States is not at all welcome . However a more pragmatic approach will justify their business standpoint. The American version of the Garmin Navi which consists of Traffic information and other services like Google search engine, comparison of gas prices etc. and is priced at an affordable figure of $500 . In comparison the more compact non US in dash board compact Garmin Navi model costs three times more. This will sky rocket the total price of the car.

One can thus safely conclude that a little compromise with the technology but with all the other features available as like the more sophisticated version, one can afford to possess a car with a GPS enabled system especially helpful for the drivers groping for their road directions.

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