Maybach Supposed to Be Sub-brand for Mercedes

2011 Maybach 62 S 2 Maybach Supposed to Be Sub brand for Mercedes

2011 Maybach 62 S 3 Maybach Supposed to Be Sub brand for Mercedes

2011 Maybach 62 S Maybach Supposed to Be Sub brand for Mercedes

Hot discussions are going on in different sectors about the future prospect of Maybach brand. There is mixed reaction from automobile industry. However, the latest news has been flashed in sites about the remodeling of uber luxury car via several car tuners. The fact is that, still cards are on the table as Daimler is undecided to choose the right partner whose assistance can bring more profits to the management committee of Maybach auto tuner. More reliable news is coming from different sources which have confirmed the joint collaboration between Maybach and Mercedes.

At first, the management team of Maybach has invited top brass of Aston Martin regarding the marriage between two business magnets. Aston Martin is a recognized auto tuner and manufacturer but right now Daimler is checking all the possible routes to reach the destination safe in future. In the very beginning, the company took a drastic step to remove the name of Maybach from the industry. Later, the management committee made one step forward boldly by chalking out a fruitful settlement with Aston Martin. The car upgradation and development programs are supposed to be done in collaboration with Aston Martin. However, water has not sit so far on blanket. The company has got a quick switchover from previous resolution. Right now, the management committee is planning to have a tête-à-tête with Mercedes for tuning new cars which will be more eco-friendly, lightweight and fuel economic.

In a press release, Daimler has withheld the final decision for the time being. Maybach will be a sub brand of Mercedes. This type of collaboration will certainly help Daimler to expand business at high speed. Mercedes will beautifully fix the word “Maybach” with the S-Class and GL-Class variants. CL Class model will also be made more attractive through this merging. However, reporters are not fully concerned about the final resolution taken by Daimler. They will have to wait few days more to get final result in the long run.

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