Mosler to Launch 2012 Raptor Soon after Premiere Show

2012 Mosler Raptor 1 Mosler to Launch 2012 Raptor Soon after Premiere Show

2012 Mosler Raptor 2 Mosler to Launch 2012 Raptor Soon after Premiere Show

Mosler is a well known car maker and tuner. Right now this company is over heated in excitement to finalize the deal to gift a sophisticated aerodynamic 2012 Raptor car with a nose shaped roof finish. This car will be more dynamic and beautiful in design. The supercar has been engineered by a team of talented engineers and car designers who have applied their innovative ideas to increase the structural aesthete of the Raptor. It is a concept vehicle and it will be launched into the international market for sale.

In an interview, 2012 Raptor concept car will be upgraded by installing 7.0 liter capacitated twin turbo charged V8 engine that delivers 650 hp. Raptor is lightweight car which is sexier than Pagani. Just few days back in an interview session, Mosler’s managing director has expressed in this way to sketch this concept car just like a model girl. The exterior capsule of this car is so sweet and charming in magnificent color, it seems to be just like a movie star whose sexy figure is really a matter of attraction. However this director is not fully confident of the release date. He has given a number of premiere dates and after car exhibition, Raptor will be sold with full fledge.

2012 Raptor will have a red colored rooftop canopy which is low in height. The special feature includes trapezoidal grilles, LED based headlamp bezels. Metallic bezels are decorated with strong and durable flanges to hold back bulbs in the groove of bezels. The air inlets are properly designed. The side skis and bumpers of the car are well decorated and properly tuned. This car is eco-friendly and marvelous in design. The interior portion of car cabin is decorated with retractable car seats, leather insulated upholsters and carbon fiber release liner to protect the side walls of the car cabin. This Raptor is really an excellent performer and it will provide marvelous road trip to people.

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