New Peugeot 107 Sportium Special Edition for the UK Market

2011 Peugeot 107 Sportium Special Edition Front Angle View New Peugeot 107 Sportium Special Edition for the UK Market

Peugeot 107 Sportium Special Edition is really a matter of attraction for those who like to use sophisticated vehicles. Now so far as the technical features are concerned, Peugeot 107 Sportium Special Edition is equipped with car accessories and tools which have been specially tuned by a team of experts. The British car industry will be spoon fed well due to the introduction of new babies which are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

The technical specifications of Peugeot 107 Sportium Special Edition include electric propelled steering wheel, protected airbags with easy to care operating system. The interlocking attachment is electric powered. Windows can be locked using remote control device.

The interior d├ęcor of the vehicle is really magnificent and glamorous. The leather insulated squads and properly designed armrests of the car are excellent. Experts have taken care of the exterior and interior parts of the vehicle depending on the ultramodern technology. The 14 inch wheelbases are properly covered by rubber insulated tire bands. The negative camber of these wheelbases is good. The positive camber is under control as experts have calculated more scientifically to upgrade the vehicle in systematic way. The bottom part of wheelbase extends far from the axis of the axle bar whereas the upper portion of the wheels turns inward to some extend. In this way, while entering into streets and closed by-lanes, due to presence of negative camber, the car rushes smoothly. The wishbone clamps are well adjusted to axle bars for holding the wheelbases in perfect location.

At the same time, the level of the carbon release is low. More care has been taken so far to upgrade the drive train package. Suspension dampers perform really well for the absorption of shock. The cooling temperature inside the vehicle compartment gives comfort to passengers when they travel by cars. Finally, electronic infotainment system has been installed into the vehicle for producing better sound track. Peugeot 107 Sportium Special Edition is available in different colors like laser red, yellow, diamond colored white and electric bluish hues.

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