Next Holden Commodore VF with Aluminium Panels, Electric Powered Steering

WM Design  Next Holden Commodore VF with Aluminium Panels, Electric Powered Steering

Keeping in touch with modern times, new cars are coming to market to fill up the gap. Recently at a seminar, experts of Holden car maker have revealed the future plan and resolution of Holden. The management committee of Holden automaker is really optimistic about the introduction of Holden Commodore VF cars by 2014 in Australian market.

The most interesting part of this car is that it will be the first attempt on the part of Holden to use aluminium sheet to build new futuristic vehicles for sale in regional market in Australia. Aluminium is scratch resistant and durable. New vehicle will be dynamic and energy efficient. The aerodynamic shape of Holden Commodore VF model is attractive and marvellous in design. This futuristic car will be more aerodynamic.

So far as the technical upgradation and tuning program is concerned, the vehicle will be fuel economic, energy efficient and eco-friendly. Inner decoration of the vehicle will be taken care of by planting electric powered steering wheel which is also ergonomic. Conventional hydraulic steering wheel will be superseded and more sophisticated e-steering wheel will be inserted for perfect car driving.

The fuel consumption rate will be lower. This theme car will have a number of electronic car accessories like infotainment system, odometer and tire pressure measurement tools. Fuel saving rate will be good. High quality aluminium made panels will be used to design cars which will be more beautifully upgraded and properly tuned. The sophisticated car upgradation tools are durable and energy efficient. Squads of leather based car seats are very soft and long lasting. Powertrain is more energy efficient and capable of backfiring torque in adequate amount to power the front and rear wheels which are properly wrapped with tire bands. Carbon reduction rate is low and therefore this concept vehicle will assist people to make the globe greener.

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