Nissan Juke Upgradation Program by Impul

Nissan Juke Impul 4 Nissan Juke Upgradation Program by Impul

Nissan Juke Impul Nissan Juke Upgradation Program by Impul

Impul has opted for the full upgradation of Nissan Juke with perfection. This is a type of crossover with low roofline surface. Technical specialists have decided to bring a sea-change to the front facelift and rear portions of the car. The whole structure of the vehicle compartment is really solid and durable. The front fascia of Nissan Juke edition is tuned with newly shaped grilles, front air vents, inclusive of carbon diffuser. There are other technical aspects of the vehicle are aerodynamic skis on both sides, and a majestic rear wing. The car is also upgraded with 19 inch alloyed wheelbases which are wrapped with tire bands. Rubber bands are not wimpy.

There are other sophisticated tools like revised ECU for the upgradation of 1.5 liter capacitated engine and 1.6 liter turbo powertrain for the delivery of torque an power to activate the car wheelbases. However, before the release of the car, experts will do necessary tests and trials to accelerate the performance of the car.

Exterior part of the capsule of car is painted in eye-catching color shades. At the frontal part of the vehicle is equipped with trapezoidal grilles and air inlets. The headlamp bezels with flanges are durable and properly adjusted to the car compartment. The lightweight structure of the vehicle is easy to care. This concept vehicle will be environment friendly and fuel efficient. The dashing car design and marvelous color matching have made the car more dynamic and colorful.

In an official announcement, the CEO of Impul has told reporters that the car will be more competent outperforming other car models in terms of speed and car design. New innovative ideas have been taken so far to upgrade the condition of the drive train package of the vehicle. Besides, there will be no complaint against bad muffling vibration and anomaly in supply of torque to increase rpm rates. Dampers will suck shock to accelerate the dynamism and stability of the vehicle.

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