Phantom Drop head Coupe – Fast, Swift and Dynamic

Rolls Royce Drophead Masterpiece Phantom Drop head Coupe – Fast, Swift and Dynamic

Rolls Royce Drophead Masterpiece 1 Phantom Drop head Coupe – Fast, Swift and Dynamic

Rolls Royce is a renowned automaker which has built a sophisticated Phantom Drop head Coupe keeping in mind the Masterpiece London 2011 exhibition. This time, a team of experts have tried their level best for the enhancement of the car tuning and upgradation program. Rolls Royce has made a bold attempt to design a unique one-off car which is totally equipped with car décor accessories. A beautifully decorated mascot logo has been embossed on the texture of the car compartment of this Phantom Drop head coup.

There are other salient features of this car. In a press release, the company’s secretary has made an official announcement regarding the release of a one-off Phantom Drop head Coupe. Mazarine blue is the wonderful color which is generally found in the wings of butterflies. Experts have applied Mazarine blue hues for painting the texture of the exterior part of the compartment of the car. Asprey jewelery box has been installed into the glove compartment. You can store your rings, bracelets and ear tops inside the compartment. As this car is handmade, you will have unique chance to commune with the art and sculpture. Basically, the structural aesthete of the car is really eye-catching.

At the same time, there are other essential car upgradation tools. Every part of the car has been taken care of in special way to avoid technical snarl. This is the car which is also eco-friendly and fuel economic. Major technical modification has been done by the experts to upgrade the frontal part of the compartment of the car and interior section of the cabin. Bezels are capable of holding the bulbs in safe position. The fluorescent lamps are efficient to highlight the streets. The tailboard lamps are small but these lighting fixtures perform well. There is very low tendency in discharge of carbon in the air. The carbon diffuser is an integral part of the car. RPM rates are good with controlled throttle response.

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