Plug-in Hybrid Backed Cadillac SRX Technology Faces Cancellation Due to Financial Crisis

9080108.001.Mini1L2 Plug in Hybrid Backed Cadillac SRX Technology Faces Cancellation Due to Financial Crisis

GM spokespersons have announced that the long standing plug-in hybrid car upgradation program has been cancelled due to financial downtime the firm is facing right now. This new Cadillac SRX based plug-in hybrid technology was supposed to hit the international market very soon. However it is a matter of grave concern that eventually, GM management team has decided not to spoon feed this car upgradation project owing to financial downturn. In a news brief the CEO of GM Group has told reporters and media associates that the company has taken another growth oriented plan to upgrade and tune new cars using sophisticated technology. Cadillac SRX variant was believed to be tuned borrowing plug in hybrid technology from Chevy Volt.

However, the maturity of the car upgradation project has been nipped in the bud due to unavoidable circumstances. In another close up session, the company’s CEO has admitted that the company is trying to revive this cancelled project changing the facelift of the car upgradation program. Maybe there will be more cost effective and result oriented technology which will cope with plug in hybrid technology. The company is really doing well to chalk out plans to opt for new vehicle upgradation process.

Plug in hybrid technology is user friendly to people. Car will be more energy efficient and fuel economic. You can save extra dollars by minimizing the wastage of fuel. Hybrid technology doesn’t encourage air pollution. Nor is it harmful to anyone who likes to buy an eco-friendly car which performs excellently. However, GM management committee has not given any booster to car users about the introduction of plug in hybrid based vehicles on easy terms and conditions. There is no specific information about the future plans in the case of release of new hybrid cars which will be efficient to run smoothly without causing any disturbance to nature.

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