RCZ ‘Asphalt’ Cars by Peugeot

Peugeot RCZ Asphalt RCZ ‘Asphalt’ Cars by Peugeot

Peugeot has made a brilliant attempt in engineering RCZ‘Asphalt’ cars which are supposed to be sold in UK market for providing the satisfactory service to British nationals in UK.

These RCZ ‘Asphalt’ cars are not only magnificent in color but also in terms of performance, this wonderful vehicle can outperform any other sports car in its segment. It has been stated in a press release that the price range for this car has been pegged at £29,995with a good warranty scheme. A fleet of 75 RCZ sports coupes have been laid aside for gifting UK citizens.

RCZ ‘Asphalt’ car is a type of well designed vehicle which features a powerful and easy to operate 1.6 liter turbo V4 power train which generates 200hp.

Telluricgrey color has been applied to increase the aesthete of the car. Black colored roof surface with Asphalt logo has given new dimension to the car design. In addition Nappa leather insulation work is very much beneficial and conducive to the car upgradation and durability of the accessories for the car tuning and décor program. Gear stick with street navigation attachment has been installed into the car for accelerating the performance level of the vehicle.

Rear park inglight, and fluorescent lamps with LED based light indicators are all excellent and fitted to the car cabin. Peugeot Connect Media Navigation JBL infotainment gear have also been used to upgrade the standard of the car. The chassis of the vehicle is strong and durable. There are other car upgradation accessories which have been utilized properly to enhance the perfect car tuning and upgradation program.

The car wheels are naturally durable as experts have used better quality metal sheet and rubber bands to decorate the car wheels. Tire bands are capable of resisting skidding off where as the dampers positioned at right angles are conducive to the accurate absorption of the shock. This sophisticated car is fuel efficient with high performance level.

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