The world today is heating up and might end soon. To lower the chances, companies are making eco-friendly and compact cars. The best deal in the market is the Renault Clio Expression Eco Version which is heating up the competition in the arcade.

The Clio Expression features lowering of C02 emissions via an Eco Pack option in the model which costs £250 only in the U.K arcade.

The cars are powered by a 1.5 liter diesel unit which generates 88 horsepower and 147 lb-ft torque. The cute Clio Expression comes with a start and stop system with excellent engineering features. The car believes in fuel economy and is highly convenient. It consists of aero wheel and low rolling resistance tires.

The Clio can go up to 1500 kilometers. You can get this amazing ride home in £12,450 which leaves the super expensive rides behind.

A car that takes care of your expenses, contributes to save the world from global warming – this car is surely your best buddy who takes care of your pockets too. The Clio Expression is the cheapest green car.

The good thing about compact cars – Clio expressions is that they do not take much space if you want to park it conveniently without hearing too much from the neighbors. Compact cars save fuel, considering there is oil price hike, the Clio expression saves all the extra cash. You can have a medium sized pizza with all that money for a change! There is a very thin line between better and the best. And Clio aims at delivering the best to you. The regular EVs have to be charged all the time which is a waste of time but Clio just takes minutes to fill up the tank. So you don’t really have to find a petrol station everywhere. A great package which is cheap and lowers harmful emissions is a savior. The 5 door version can be bought for £600. So what are you waiting for? Buy this petite car and save the world from global warming.

–Kreation Guru

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