Rotary Supers Cars to Rename Raptor GT

Raptor GT 1 Rotary Supers Cars to Rename Raptor GT

Rotary Supers Cars has made an official announcement that it will rename Raptor GT variant which must be recognized in different name. The decision of the chairperson of the management board of RSC has been opted for due to the clash of car design with Ferrari 599XX edition. According to critics, this Ferrari car model has been emulated to some extent and for this reason to distinguish Raptor from Ferrari lineup; experts have taken a task to rename the car.

However, researchers claimed that RSC has also borrowed exterior design from Lamborghini esque which is more colorful and majestic in design. This supercar is aerodynamic with a number of features. A number of colorful snapshots of this Raptor GT variant have been published in different sites which provide lot of information about concept car models. Raptor GT lightweight modern vehicles are high in quality and energy efficient. 8-speed transmission and competent drive train kit have been planted into the engine compartment of the vehicle.

The sprinting time of Raptor GT variant is less than three seconds to cover 100 km per hour. This is the vehicle which has several car accessories and tools. The internal space of the car has been upgraded properly by implanting durable leather coated squads which are soft and long lasting. The reclining features are also remarkable when someone feels comfy to lean against the backrest for personal satisfaction. Car seats are designed ergonomically. There is low risk of suffering from injury and back spasm. Leather upholsters are also very flexible and glossy.

In the driver’s cockpit, you will be happy to see a sophisticated electronic infotainment attachment which can soothe ears by playing music. The car cabin is also equipped with street nav systems. Raptor GT 2012 is the concept vehicle which is so nice and charming to see, car lovers will be happy to drive the roadster to get fun. However, media has not published any report about the release of this futuristic car. Maybe in the first half of the 2012, this theme car model will be launched. The interior part of the car cabin is basically made more dynamic and beautiful due to the installation of leather made car accessories like squads, upholsters and other carbon insulated fibers to decorate the car in more magnificent way.

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