Senner- Launched Car Upgradation Kit

Audi A1 Senner Tuning 5 Senner  Launched Car Upgradation Kit

Audi A1 Senner Tuning 6 Senner  Launched Car Upgradation Kit

Audi A1 Senner Tuning 1 Senner  Launched Car Upgradation Kit

Audi A1 Senner Tuning 11 Senner  Launched Car Upgradation Kit

German based auto upgrader,Senner has made it clear in public that the company will take care of the whole tuning program with competency. Audi A1 supermini has been upgraded by using Senner tuning kit for the complete upgradation.

The car upgradation kit consists TFSI gasoline based power train which is 1.4 liter in capacity. This energy efficient power train generates 122 hp along with 265 NM toque for better rpm rates. In addition the newly upgraded sports exhaust system has been inserted into the car compartment. However, due to the massive technical advancement, the sophisticated ECU in unison with exhaust system accelerates the horsepower taking 122 hp up to 165 hp.

This car upgradation package also offers excellent color combination to paint the outer hull of the car as well as mirror settings. Roof arches are well painted in magnificent color shades. New trapezoidal grilles have been installed to make the car more brilliant and ultramodern in design. Barracuda Tzunamee 19 inch wheelbase are properly alloyed and wrapped with tire bands. The suspension dampers of the car have been installed for better shock collection and absorption process. Torque is supplied well to re-activate the car wheels for better performance.

At a press conference, experts have claimed that this car upgradation and tuning kit has been tested several times prior to introduction to people. There is the least risk of creating further technical hazards and disorder. The new car tuning kit is packed with front grilles, well decorated apron, skirts along with bumpers. In addition there will be couple of exhaust and carbon diffuser outlets. Floor mats, squads, leather insulated backrests and other car tuning accessories have been chosen properly for the car design.

This car upgradation kit will be available in major showrooms at comfortable prices. At the same time experts are optimistic of the increasing popularity of this revised car tuning package for the upgradation of the Audi A1 supermini.

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