The vRS Bonneville from Skoda Octavia – the Sporty Way

Skoda Octavia Sporty 1 The vRS Bonneville from Skoda Octavia – the Sporty Way

Looks like Skoda has big plans as it has publicized a reformed Octavia vRS version at Bonneville Salt Flats. The all new and modified vRS is created under the assistance of the REVO Technik. Powered by a 2 litre TSI engine which has been well equipped with a Garret turbocharger generates 332lb-ft torque and excellent performance on road. Skoda aims to hit top speed of 200 mph which can sprint up to 322 km per hour.

Also the aforesaid twists, the Skoda Octavia will also be having a partial slip discrepancy, a K&W coil over suspension which lessens the ride stature by 80mm and also the 15 inch steel wheels with sweptback concealments and Good year tires. In addition, to come across the stringent Southern California Timing Association security guidelines, the coupe has also been equipped with a parachute, fire extinguishers and roll cage.

Other specifications include Boost pressure of approximately 26-28 psi, Comprehension ratio of 9:6:1, cubic capacity goes up to 1,984. The total weight of the car is 2000 in kilograms. The car sports a highly sporty look and can sprint up to miles in no time. And considering it is a modified version, we can expect great changes and modifications. The car has a sleek look and is a dream of all racers. The car has been for production since ages and now Skoda is all set to introduce the modified and tuned Octavia. The modified car has 4 valves/cylinder and has transverse installed. Fuel injection has been injected with a displacement 1984. Skoda has always been known for giving the best performance rated cars and we can expect something big from this one too. Skoda Octavia – the modified version is set to hit the arcade soon. For now, Skoda is busy releasing pictures of the sporty car.

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t The vRS Bonneville from Skoda Octavia – the Sporty Way

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