Trimaran Yacht with Hybrid Technology

Audi Trimaran Yacht 13 Trimaran Yacht with Hybrid Technology

Audi Trimaran Yacht 14 Trimaran Yacht with Hybrid Technology

Audi Trimaran Yacht 5 Trimaran Yacht with Hybrid Technology

Stefanie Behringer is a student of excellence. Within short span of his academic career, this brilliant boy has redefined the car upgradation program inventing new car accessories which are attractive, durable and energy efficient. The fact is that Stefanie Behringer while studying at Pforzheim Technical college has outlined a diagram to showcase a concept yacht model which is not only splendid in design but also this sophisticated car is more dynamic due to color insulation in more organized way.

The technical configuration has been conducted with care. According to him, the properly designed motorboat is more ultra modern and upgraded. Audi Trimaran motorboat has been tuned in more systematic way. Pairs of two jet skis and sophisticated hulls are supposed to be planted into the water vehicle. Outrigger hulls are also workable with excellent operating system. A set of two jet skis are inserted into a pod.

Engine specifications include Audi TDI diesel fed powertrains. However this modern yacht has electric powered jet skis. Due to the usage of electric propelled jet skis, the water vehicle gets more energy and power to run at high speed. According to experts, the interior space of the vehicle is really eye catching as proper seating arrangement and availability of electronic devices inside the motorboat are noticeable. Trimaran water boat is speedier and more glamorous due to application of modern tools and eye catching color contrast. Trimaran is 15 meters in length, 6.4 meters in width and it is also equipped with properly tuned hull. It is a type of hybrid yacht which is also designed with a flat and spacious deck for housing twelve persons at a time. There are six berths which are used for proper seating arrangement. The silver insulated frame which rims the outer texture of pod has made the water navigator more unique and beautiful in design.

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