V8 Powertrain-More Efficient for C7 Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette Concept V8 Powertrain More Efficient for C7 Corvette

General Motors or GM has finally decided to release a newly upgraded V8 engine which is well fitted to corvette C7 variant. The corvette model will be packed with turbocharged V8 powertrain which is 3.8 liter capacitated. The car is also very ergonomic and energy efficient. The corvette C7 variant will be loaded and upgraded with sump oil reservoir. It is also protected. Due to the introduction of new V8 engine, there will be remarkable increase in the production of torque and horsepower. The horsepower will be remarkably 400 hp.

There are a number of well known features of this engine. V8 powertrain has total eight cylinders which are in perfect order. V8 engine can deal with 10,000 RPM rates. For this reason this engine is more functional and dynamic. V8 engine is energy efficient and capable of generating torque to increase the rates of rpm.

V8 powertrain has been engineered by a team of experts. Mark Reuss is the President of GM division in North American region. He is very much optimistic about the multi functionalities of V8 for this corvette. GM is anticipating the massive demand for V8 for the upgradation of C7 corvette edition. After lot of trials and experiments, the company has released this extraordinary engine which is more efficient and properly upgraded.

Mark Reuss earlier predicted that V8 was meant for the particular class of buyers. However, right now the popularity of V8 engine is shooting up and there is bright future prospect of this car upgradaion tool. The fact is that comparing to previous engine, this newly launched ultra modern vehicle is more competent and energy efficient. There is superb arrangement for air ventilation and for this reason there is low risk of explosion of the engine valve due to constant car driving. Now everyone is waiting for the arrival of V8 to upgrade supercar.

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