Volkswagen’s temporary Auto Pilot makes for a self driving car

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The German automobile company Volkswagen has now proved that they genuinely care about the lifestyle of people and accordingly design the cars. The sum which they get for the research work, they are using it in a very wise manner. Volkswagen has now come up with the concept of Temporary Auto Pilot which is also known as TAP in other words. Under this concept, the car system will be under the control of the Temporary Auto Pilot under limited conditions for a short period of time.

The Temporary Auto Pilot system will be working in combination with other features like ACC, that is, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist. Lane Assist works by keeping the car within the lane in which the car is going. The Temporary Auto Pilot system when combined with the features like Adaptive Cruise Control, in other words ACC and Lane Assist it forms into a complete organized and structured system. The Temporary Auto Pilot technology has to be monitored by the driver and can allow the car to semi-automatically drive up to a speed of 130 km/h that is 81 meter per hour on the highways.

By introducing this technology, Volkswagen feels that this way nothing will happen to people who would be driving their cars in future. In the semi-automatic driving mode, the system maintains a safe distance to the vehicle ahead, drives at a speed selected by the driver, reduces this speed as necessary before a bend, and maintains the vehicle’s central position with respect to lane markers. The system also observes overtaking rules and speed limits. Additionally, stop and start driving maneuvers in traffic jams are also automated. Volkswagen’s latest Temporary Auto Pilot is based on a relatively production-like sensor platform, consisting of production-level radar, camera, and ultrasonic based sensors supplemented by a laser scanner and an electronic horizon.

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