Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft-More Dynamic and Attractive in Design

Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft More Dynamic and Attractive in Design

Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft 7 Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft More Dynamic and Attractive in Design

Emanuel Swedenborg is the world famous Swedish scientist who has done a wonderful job by manufacturing the conventional hovercraft for bringing the technical revolution to automobile industry. Hovercraft is a type of air propelled vehicle. Under air pressure, this hovercraft runs on surfaces like land and water. On the other hand this sophisticated hovercraft is also capable of running on the snow covered area.

If you probe meticulously, you will understand that long way back the conventional hovercraft was used to take passengers and goods from France to London. This type of old hovercraft was popular at that time. SNR hovercraft is the gigantic air cushion based vehicle which weighs 300 ton and much to surprise it can take the load of 380 passengers and amazingly 40 cars. The average speed of this hovercraft is approximately 70 mph.

In Popular Science and Popular Mechanics journals, a team of experts wrote briefs and reviews about hovercrafts which became popular passenger carriers during 1960s onwards. However, experts made prediction about the future prospect of this hovercraft. Their assumption and prediction have been made realistic due to proper technical upgradation and advancement. Modern hovercraft is capable of rushing via water, and land.

Yuhan Zhang has earned international accolades and appreciation by inventing newly upgraded Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft which is electric powered. This vehicle is undoubtedly brilliant in design. It provides adequate space for the comfortable journey. This hovercraft is really capable of providing the reliable service to people. If you browse the sites, you will surely come across a number of colorful snapshots of battery powered hovercrafts which are more fuel economic. However apart from electric powered engine, there is also the provision for the usage of hydrogen fuel to let the hovercraft run smoothly on the surface. This sophisticated hovercraft doesn’t contaminate air by backfiring dark smoke containing lethal carbon.

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