World’s first 9-speed transmission from ZF, it promises an amazing 16% increase in fuel efficiency

2011 01 11zf9hpfront querimg8 Worlds first 9 speed transmission from ZF, it promises an amazing 16% increase in fuel efficiency

Gone are those days when travelling in a vibrating and jerking vehicle was a torture. The snail paced machines used to start with a jerk and jolt its way along agonizing the passengers. Now we are in the age of improved technology. The six speed automobiles are now a thing of the past replaced by the more efficient seventh and the eight gear operations but hold on! We are now moving into the age of nine speed gearbox with automatic operation. The nine-speed transmission will be manufactured in South Carolina.

At an International Conference ZF Frieddrichshafen has presented their nine speed gearbox for cars with front transverse driving mode. It can also be installed on an all wheel drive. It has also a built in stop and start mechanism which comes with no need of a fuel pump. The nine-speed transmission gear box is made as a construction kit. A powerful electric motor replaces the torque converter. Loaded with software interface and electronically controlled unit , it can be installed practically on different types of vehicles.

The nine-speed transmission makes the whole system fuel efficient by sixteen percent as compared to its six speed models. The shift time between the various modes is markedly small and thus the passengers rarely feel the jolts of the changing gear. Again the optimal consumption of fuel speeds up the nine-speed transmission and allows the engine to attain a top speed of one thousand nine hundred revolutions per minute as compared to two thousand six hundred revolutions per minute with a standard six speed model.

The ZF nine-speed transmission will certainly be the driving force behind the elite cars like Chrysler. With its fuel efficiency of sixteen percent, flexible adaptation to various vehicles and smooth running capability this state of the art new age nine speed transmission gear box will certainly be a favourite for all the reputed car manufacturers in the years to come.

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