Zenvo Declares Special Edition ST-1 50 for North America

Zenvo Special Edition ST 1 50 Zenvo Declares Special Edition ST 1 50 for North America

Zenvo has released ST-1 50 edition which has been priced at $1.8 million. In North America, this car will be sold at the given price range. It is a supercar model. This vehicle is eco-friendly, fuel economic and sophisticated. This vehicle is equipped with different sorts of car upgradation accessories.

Zenvo’s ST-1 50 variant is available in three different eye-catching color shades like red, blue and white. The turbocharged V8 engine is capable of generating 12250 horsepower and 1500 NM torque which is comparatively much more than the old version. This V8 powertrain features F1 styled seven speed automatic transmissions with properly tuned drive-train kit. There are also carbon diffuser, exhaust system, accelerator, brakes and dampers which have been properly inserted into the vehicle.

Zenvo is a Danish car manufacturing unit and it has earned reputation and recognition due to the introduction of sophisticated lightweight vehicles to the market. Suspension dampers of the car are completely upgraded using the ultra modern technology. The suspension dampers are capable of sucking shock for the enhancement of the stability of the vehicle.

The car wheels are wrapped with durable tire bands which generate maximum traction. Negative camber of the tire bands is remarkably better and therefore the car can be driven with comfort. It can turn right and left to face the corners of the streets competently owing to the remarkable negative camber presence.

The inner decoration of the vehicle is excellent. Retractable squads are insulated perfectly using glossy high quality leather. The backrests of the car seats are soft with reclining features. The ergonomic steering wheel is easy to operate. Odometer is the specially tuned car accessory which is applicable to the measurement of distance covered by the vehicle. The street nav system of the vehicle helps drivers to monitor streets at night.

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