2011 Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept car– More Eco-Friendly

2011 Mercedes Benz Aria Concept 2011 Mercedes Benz Aria Concept car– More Eco Friendly

If you are a modern guy, you will have to welcome rapid changes in the society. Life is fast becoming more dynamic, complicated and ultra-modern under the full glare of the modern science. The fact is that extend the periphery of your vision to watch the massive technological breakthrough and handsome lifestyles which are both interesting and charming to feel. This speedy transition from the conventional furnace to the ultramodern battery powered inglenook determines the refinement of tastes, culture and mindsets in the light of scientific reflection.

Same way, when you look askance at the sophisticated one-off Mercedes-Benz Aria model, you will be enamored to come into contact with bevy of excellent features and marvelous technical orchestration to keep the car upgradation tools in order. Change your mindset and add more color to your life to watch the beauty of open sky. This new upcoming futuristic car model will appear sexy, elegant and more charismatic as modern car designers will apply their innovative skills and technical expertise for the enhancement of structural elegance of the car.

Slavche Tanevski has applied his vast experience and competence to design the new car which will be seen by 2030. The specialty of the theme car lies in the technical upgradation applying the sophisticated e-technology to power the car. The car designer has done an experiment in designing the car in different way. The car seems to have Maenad appearance. Maenad is a mythological figure which invites blitz krieg storm and destruction. Here the concept is different and the car seems to appear more dynamic and majestic. When you look the car, you will feel that wind is blowing past the car disheveling the hair strands of Maenad. The compartment will have a majestic appearance. The interior section of the car compartment will be made more colorful, attractive and beautiful in design. The frontal part of the car cabin will seem to be Alexander’s headgear.

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