2012 Hennessey V1000 Twin-Turbo Model-More Energy Efficient and Fuel Economic

Hennessey CTS V Coupe photos 2012 Hennessey V1000 Twin Turbo Model More Energy Efficient and Fuel Economic

A massive revolution in the automobile industry has occurred to upgrade cars using the sophisticated technology. Hennessey has convinced consumers’ forum by releasing a number of upgraded version under the brand name Cadillac CTS-V with 700 hp. This car model has performed marvelously to provide satisfactory service to people. The same way, Hennessey has done bravado by upgrading the old model of the Cadillac CTS-V. The futuristic car will have more than 700 up to 1000 hp to activate the car more efficiently.

Hennessey V1000 Twin-Turbo car model is equipped with a pack of ultra-modern car upgradation tools and tuning accessories. 427 cid LS V8 powertrain has capacity to generate 1000 bhp at the rate of 6400 rpm. The torque generating capability is 950 pound feet torque at the rate of 4000 rpm.

The acceleration system of the car is really appreciable. Experts have put stress on the improvement of sprinting time by lowering down the galloping time of the car. The car naturally covers 60 mph within 3.5 seconds. The topmost speed of the vehicle is 230mph. Callies 4340 steel crank is an addition of the car upgradation program. Direct fuel injection system is more powerful. The car has the low intention to spew carbon. This is the car which has been made with the main purpose of facilitating car operators for excellent driving experience without facing street accident.

Double ball bearing turbo system of the car is powerful, durable and competent. The overall technical upgradation has been done with accuracy. More technical specifications of the car have been revealed so far. The compartment of the car is durable and well adjusted. CarbonAero CTS is a new addition. High quality carbon fiber trimmings have been used to bring perfection to the car tuning program. Fenders are properly fixed to the compartment. These fenders protect tire bands and wheelbases from the weather roughness.

The interior décor of the car cabin is excellent. Alcantara leather has been used to upgrade the interior section of the vehicle. Gorgeous floor mats, squads and well designed headrests of the vehicle are high in quality. The exterior and interior portions of the car have been well taken care of by a team of experts.

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