2012 Morgan Eva GT edition unveiled

2012 Morgan Eva GT 2012 Morgan Eva GT edition unveiled

2012 Morgan Eva GT 1 2012 Morgan Eva GT edition unveiled

Morgan researchers are known for their unique idea of innovating low weight aluminum chassis for the cars. They were the first to come up with such technology in the car world. Thorough research t have helped the Morgans to introduce this current version, 2012 Morgan Eva GT which will be built in more advanced aluminum chassis. The structure will be such constructed that the model will be perfect for the aero supersports, and can participate in International GT3 Racing event organized for the sports cars.

The upgraded features of this sports car will comprise of a BMW styled, very energetic 3 liter engine which can use twin turbo while in the race. This engine will help pumping 306 HP and an utmost torque of 25 lb – ft. An automatic gear box has been installed for power puffed performance and high speed in racing track. This powerful engine can perform some 0 to 60 MPH in 4.5 seconds and may further reach to a top speed of 170 MPH on the racing tracks.

According to the makers this version is the most“useful edition” among the Morgan range of cars. The body of the model will have two large doors for comfortable in and out movement and easy access to the back seat. To make it user friendly, the power steering, ABS break system, fine lights, powered windows and safety airbags will be installed to complete the version. Safety measures have been highly considered in this upgraded edition.

Morgans have decided to manufacture limited numbers of this new model and these cars will reach their potential customers in the year 2012. So, if anyone wishes to order it now, he will have to make a deposition of $ 7300 and place the order. The full and final pricing will be fixed after the completion of the model.

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