2012 Renault Twingo – A Car Review

2012 Renault Twingo 9 2012 Renault Twingo   A Car Review

2012 Renault Twingo 1 2012 Renault Twingo   A Car Review

2012 Renault Twingo 7 2012 Renault Twingo   A Car Review

2012 Renault Twingo 4 2012 Renault Twingo   A Car Review

After huge research and experiment Renault has taken an extensive growth oriented car tuning program. In a press brief, the company’s secretary has told reporters that by 2012 the futuristic car model will have excellent car upgradation accessories, tuning kit and advanced interior décor kits.

Smart ForFour will be emulated to design the futuristic car. After finalization of the deal, the company is thinking of the future prospect of the car. A reliable source has confirmed that instead of using the front wheel drive system, Renault has taken initiative to use the rear wheel drive for the upgradation of the vehicle in more dynamic way.

Renault has appointed a team of experts to do further study and online navigation to surface new methods to upgrade the condition of automatic transmission, drive train kit along with the exhaust system, carbon diffuser, dampers and other car tuning accessories. The fact is that after the introduction of this car, there will be an adrenalin rush among car viewers to have a look at the car as this car will be more colorful and gorgeous in magnificent color shades.

Twingo car is a sophisticated with eco-friendly features. The interior decoration of the car compartment is remarkably excellent and standard in quality. The dampers of the car will have maximum efficiency to suck the shock from the car wheels. The sophisticated double clutches will be inserted into the gearbox which will be further installed into the car cabin.

The spoiler in the car cabin is able to speed up the air flow into the car cabin to keep the temperature under control. The color contrast is undoubtedly brilliant and attractive. The retractable car seats are made unique and beautiful by installing squads. In the cockpit of the car, there are odometer, speedometer, tachometer, street nav systems and dashboard with binnacle resting on the center of the board. The ergonomic steering wheel is easy to operate. High quality leather is used to insulate the steering wheel perfectly. The fuel efficiency level of the vehicle is high and carbon release tendency is dramatically low.

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