2012 SSC Tuatara, officially launched by the fastest car makers of the world

2012 SSC Tuatara 2012 SSC Tuatara, officially launched by the fastest car makers of the world

2012 SSC Tuatara 1 2012 SSC Tuatara, officially launched by the fastest car makers of the world

Team Shelby Super Cars came up with their newest creation, the 2012 SSC Tuatara. The all new model was unveiled by the company founder and CEO of SSC Jerod Shelby in the presence of media and guests from the industry. The makers have derived the name from the Maori language, Tuatara means “peaks at the back” a local reptile from New Zealand. A group of 16 ace engineers headed by Jerod Shelby came together with thorough research and their skill collectively assisted in producing this new high performance vehicle, 2012 SSC Tuatara model. The highlights of this model are its rear wheel drive specialty and 1,350 hp producing capacity.

The makers have planned to position it as the fastest running car in the world, by reaching a record making speed of 275 mph. After detailed research, the engineers have come up with a car engine that supports a rear wheel drive, functioned on four valves per cylinder, double turbo V8 engine. The engine has the capacity to hold up to 7 liter of fuel and it can produce 1350 HP and revs up to 9000rpm. Upgraded braking mechanism has been installed. Brake is supported by traction power, ABS with servo control and the apt use of carbon ceramic brakes crafted by Brembo has been used.

The look of the car has been given special attention. The body of the car has been beautifully designed by the famous Italian – American Car designer, Jason Castriota. Jason is known for designing some of the best looking cars in the industry, such as Bertone, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Pininfarina. In this Tuatara Jason has offered a unique combination of form and function. The stylish canopy in black teardrop shape stands out in the white body of the car. A unique contrast of style and power grabs eyeballs. The classic shape, the use of dihedral wings enhances its performance and look. The winglets attached to the backend also assist in advancing aerodynamics and keeps the car in control when it is running at a speed of 200mph.

The car interior is equally surprising, apart from the standard features like two seater driving, seatbelts, and auto air- conditioner, an easy view controlling LCD central display will help in better control and comfortable monitoring of the car.

The car will be priced at $970,000. This model is positioned in the most competitive section of the supercar industry.

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