Audi A5 Coupe DTM Racing Concept Car Review

Audi motorsport Audi A5 Coupe DTM Racing Concept Car Review

Audi motorsport 1 Audi A5 Coupe DTM Racing Concept Car Review

Audi motorsport 5 Audi A5 Coupe DTM Racing Concept Car Review

DTM fans should be over satisfied when they will know that Audi has done a wonderful job by opting for growth oriented car upgradation and tuning program. For instance, Audi has already manufactured a concept one-off car under the brand name of Audi A5 Coupe DTM Racing Concept vehicle. This sophisticated car has superseded A4 model of Audi lineup. The car will surely outperform its rivals in terms of performance, quality and engine specification as a team of experts have taken some necessary steps for the upgradation of the vehicle by planting energy-efficient tools and car upgradation accessories.

The outstanding performance of this car will satisfy car operators. The majestic structural elegance of the car is marvelous and up to the mark. The vehicle has been made more beautiful by adding color and dimension to the car. Just have a close look at the car model. The aerodynamic shape of the car is brilliant to look. Some prominent red colored spots on the outer hull of the car cabin are really marvelous. Ultra-light carbon monocoque insulation is fantastic and car designer has used his innovative idea to make the car more attractive. This is the car which is energy efficient. The carbon emission rate is remarkably very low and negligible. The car upgradation process has been conducted with competency. The front cowl shake is dramatically low. To ensure the structural aesthete of the vehicle, a number of silver colored rings have been fixed to the fascia of the car cabin.

There are other salient features of the vehicle. Inside the car cabin, there are retractable seats with reclining features. The car cabin is spacious. The odometer; sophisticated tachometer to measure the rotation of shaft of the car wheel and infotainment system to produce the ear-soothing music have been assembled in more systematic way.

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