Bluebird’s all new attempts to introduce electric speed version

Bluebird 1 Bluebird’s all new attempts to introduce electric speed version

In the automobile history, the name Bluebird has been highly appreciated for more than hundred years for its array of contribution over theses years. The Bluebird manufacturers were highly praised for speed applications and thus made a record in both land and water traveled vehicles. As early as in the year 1911, young entrepreneur Sir Malcolm Campbell built up with his team Maurice Maeterlinck and there after named his company.

Over the years, unfortunately, the unique family team separated, and for almost 30 years they struggled to produce similar cars that were once the exclusive creation from the brain of Sir Malcolm Campbell.

Today after almost a century, Sir Malcolm Campbell’s grand son, Don Wales have decided to make history with his landmark creation Bluebird Electric. The vehicle will be introduced in an event at Pendine Sands located in South Wales on the 13-14 of the month of August. The bluebird launch was planned earlier this month, but had to be postponed due to a technical issue. A main element of the car which was ordered to the European manufacturer was not delivered on time hence there was the delay in completing the work.

Now the Team Bluebird is all geared to hit the European car markets, and hopefully they will break all record of speed vehicles with their exclusive high speed electric editions. Wales now plans to upgrade the model so that it can reach a speed of 150mph on its introductory event and thus creates history.

Presently the team is busy testing every element of the car. They are testing the battery performance and the movement of the body parts at such high speed so that it can reach to a record breaking speed in its 2013 electric car edition.

Sources confirm that their preparation system will go through rigorous testing session so as to avoid any problem in the final launch scheduled in august this year.

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