BMW520d Efficient Dynamics Edition announced

P90077227 655x436 BMW520d Efficient Dynamics Edition announced

Brand BMW needs no introduction. Car lovers across the globe adore BMW automobile. Today, the team BMW has decided tointroduce yet another new 520 d Efficient Dynamic model that has been specially crafted for all environment friendly car lovers. The version of the car has been perfectly designed with 2.0 liter engine running on diesel with 184 PS and380 Newton power. These upgraded features help the machine to support it running at a speed of231 km/h.

Other prominent features in this BMW 520d Efficient Dynamic model includes, an enhanced on/off mechanism of the engine, active and powerful brakes, a very swift grille, an extended and absolute driving ratio and last but not the least the most updated smooth and sleek wheels for high performance. The all new BMW520d Efficient Dynamics require an average of 4.5 L fuel to run a few 100 kms. Thus it can be recognized as a fuel efficient car.

BMW spokesperson further confirms that by 2012,they plan to introduce other high end features in their highly appreciated 5-Series category and they will come up with a brand new 2.0 liter engine that will completely run on petrol and this engine will be made from double Powered Turbo Technology. The new age BMW 520d has been upgraded with four – cylinder engines and double power Turbo machinery making it the best sports car targeted for the higher mid- ranged potential buyers. The powerful engine mechanism assists the sports car to cover 0 – 100km per hour in just 7.9 seconds running at a pace of 227 km/h.

BMW 52d Efficient Dynamics Edition, the finest quality sports car is coupled with 119 g/km CO2 discharge capacity. All these qualities, the stylish features powered by tough technology will surely make this the favourite model amidst the sports car admirers.

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