Chrysler Grand Voyager revised model hits UK auto car market

Chrysler Grand Voyager 1 Chrysler Grand Voyager revised model hits UK auto car market

The revised model of Chrysler as Grand Voyager has finally reached the UK market. For all the potential customers the new redesigned model is now available with a revised face, special LED lights at the rear, a new back speed breaker and an additional rear entrance on the remote side, balanced with freshly styled control panel and steering wheel to control the drive in absolute comfort.

Among the freshly added features the Chrysler Grand Voyager now runs with the CRD engine that can holdup2.8 litre diesel. The revised engine system helps in producing some 161 bhpat 3800 rpm and 256 lb of torque. The car engine supports a drive at a high speed of 115mph in just 12.8 seconds.

This Grand Voyager model presented for the year 2011, is available in three categories, namely the LX Model (worth £ 27,995), Adventure Model at (£ 29, 995 ) and last but not the least The Restricted Model at (£ 35,995).

The first LX Chrysler is equipped with a leather covered steering wheel, the controlling steering wheel further assist in monitoring the sound and audio system installed inside the car. The model is also equipped with an average speed controlling system. The Adventure or Traveling Model in upgraded with Bluetooth phone connection and voice detection mechanism. It is further equipped with a self functioning diffusing back view mirror, a 6.5 inch fully touch screened twin one radio with AM and FM bands and it can also play a CD or a DVD. This version of the grand Voyager has a huge 30Gb hard disk drive and back flip camera serving both style and performance.

Quick purchase also furnishes the Chrysler Grand Voyager with blind spot detection mechanism, across path monitor and a soft seat cover set made from the best Nappa leather available.

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