CoviniC3A is first 6 wheeler supercar to tackle Goodwood hill

Covini C3a CoviniC3A is first 6 wheeler supercar to tackle Goodwood hill

The highly preferred automobile brand, Covini has come up with a special discovery in sports car category. The makers have invented Covini C3A, the first 6 wheeled sports car and it was unveiled in the auto car festival at Goodwood hills. The epoch making introduction from the house of Italian car enthusiasts is powered with high performance for both the racing tracks and rough high hill roads, this 6 wheeled sporty model is a gift for all adventure freaks.

The Covini engineers suggested, that based on their through research, they have decided to add four wheels in the front. These four front wheels will make the car the fastest running sports vehicle in the racing tracks. Other features like the improved traction supports better control and advanced turning speed, and a very firm stopping mechanism which is very essential for high speed cars. All these advanced features will make it, the highly appreciated model in the sports car category.

Supercar Covini C3A functions with high performance 4.2 liter Audi V8 that will generate some 500 bhp. This mechanism will further help the car in exceeding some 300 km/h speed. This high end adventure car’s body weight is just 1150kg. Perfectly equipped with a lighter body comfortably supports in taking quick turns and tough rocky path movement when driven on hills.

Powerful structure, flashy appearance, brilliant technical advancement coupled with astonishing performance, the Covini C3A will surely impress both the car lovers and the car manufacturers. Thus it can be inferred that more car enthusiasts and specialists might come up with 6 wheel cars in future. This invention from the house of Italian researchers is a landmark discovery in the car science. So, all you adventure freaks, may now try your hands in Covini C3A and take pleasure in exploring the world.

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