2011 CTR 3 1 FACELIFT FOR 2011 CTR 3

2011 CTR 3 2 FACELIFT FOR 2011 CTR 3

2011 CTR 3 FACELIFT FOR 2011 CTR 3

In the year 2007, April, the CTR 3 was launched in Bahrain. Since then the German automakers have never stopped experimenting with the model. Thus the new model is revised with a fresh mid – engine design. But this model like its earlier versions is also equipped with pure driving engine. The CTR 3 is geared up to absorb the driver in the driving experience.

This new mid-engine mechanism supports extraordinary stability and swift handling on the other hand the elongated wheelbase offers improved driving control at high speeds. The appearance of this revised model is a fresh attempt and is not inspired from any of its earlier mid – engine versions. For flawless performance in high speed movement and control the body of the car is aerodynamically designed. Special galvanized steel has been used to construct the front structure and the traveler seating cubicle. The engine and conduction are set in a space structure. The traveler cubicle is confined by the newest edition of the well-known RUF incorporated Roll Cage which is incorporated into the A column and cylinder casing. The car doors are installed with side collision proof safety beams, and the front lid is prepared of aluminum metal. The car structure is made up of Kevlar-carbon combination. Thus the classic sports car was born.

This new power-puff car is equipped with a twin-turbo 3.8 liter capacity engine that can generate 50 ps (37kw/49bmp) more than its earlier edition cars. The modern equipments now help the car motor in producing 750 ps (552 kw/740bhp) at 7,100 rp, and has 960 Nm ( 708 lb ft) of torque generating at 4,000 rpm. The upgraded gearbox here manages a chronological- swing six speed transmission. The acceleration in this edition shifts between 0 to 100 km/hr /962 mph) in only 3.2 seconds. And at very high speed the acceleration can be controlled by 5 km/hr to 380 km/hr (236 mph).

Thus the revised sports car is out in market for all speed freaks across the world.

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