Fiat to Launch 2012 SUV and Sedan Variants

2012 Fiat Freemont SUV Fiat to Launch 2012 SUV and Sedan Variants

2012 Fiat Freemont SUV 1 Fiat to Launch 2012 SUV and Sedan Variants

With times proceeding, there has been a massive breakthrough in the car upgradation and tuning program. Many multinational car tuning companies have launched their car upgradation kits at comfortable prices. Now, Fiat is also such a big boss in the automobile industry. It has done a marvelous job by taking the right decision to gift people new sports utility vehicles.

There will be three car models which are SUV and sports sedan vehicles offered by Fiat. However, representatives of the company have not declared so far about the exact date of premiership of the new car models.

A group of experienced engineers and technical specialists have been given appointments for showcasing their performance in the upgradation of the vehicles. According to experts, new sports vehicles will be upgraded using 4.7 liter capacitated V8 engine which has the efficiency to generate 450hp. For this reason, the performance level of the car is higher than other cars in its segment.

Understanding from official sources, it is amply explicit that the company has no intention to use Maserato Quattroporte version. In a press release, the chief secretary of the firm has confirmed the full upgradation of sedan vehicles inserting new powertrain, automatic transmission plus dampers.

In another official declaration, one of the spokespersons of the company has stated that the cars will be smart in majestic beauty with excellent features. The car tuning programs have been done so far for hands-on demonstration. However, the company has taken right decision to backfire the car models to the market by 2013. Cars are energy-efficient and fuel economic. The chassis of the car is durable with properly adjusted doors, windshields and washers. Inside the care there will be flexible and easy to care retractable car seats with reclining features. All these cars will not dampen the nature by spewing the black fume containing lethal carbon.

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