GM and FAW join to launch small car in China

kuncheng pickup630 GM and FAW join to launch small car in China

The new high pickup small city car edition has been manufactured by General Motors jointly with FAW and was introduced at the Changchun International Automobile Fair in China. The all new model is equipped with grand interior, lavish cargo space, power puff handling, new generation style and safety measures have been specially taken care off.

This new four door truck model has the capacity of 2.2 liter and 2.4 liter cylinder engine in both diesel or gasoline mechanism. The edition further incorporates great style with high performance features. The large head bumper and chrome framework is well balanced with integrated diamond sparkler front-lights and diamond fog lamps. These makes it looks stunning.

The spacious cargo box is 480mm in tall and it is 100mm tall than the regular boxes used for standard pickups. Thus the height helps in containing more cargo than it is possible in any regular vehicle. The truck interior is elegantly designed. The seating arrangement makes it one of the most comfortable vehicles one has ever experienced. A lavish fold-able back seat has been perfectly added which can be used as per requirement.

Through research and expertise over the years, now helped the two great brains to come together and offer something unique to their prospective customers. The mechanism of the vehicle is highly improved and designed as per the requirement of a small cargo vehicle that can be run on high speed. In the truck engine, the special mechanism like, a 2.2 liter and 2.4 liter engines with special ignition, air- shifting, lubricating and cooling mechanism has been installed for fuel efficiency. The technical aspect has been further improvised with preheating electro–thermal plug cylinder. This mechanism allows smooth start at a low temperature consumption of -25degrees.

In the newly introduced cargo carrying smallest vehicle for China, the safety measures have been given special priority. The well balanced brake force has been installed at both ends, the front and the back, so as to prevent it from getting locked. The head of the car is so designed that it will reduce the damages if it faces something as dangerous as a collision. The other safety measures that can be mentioned are tri-point seat belts in the front area, a collapsible steering feature, child locking system at the rear doors and a center raised stop light. All these features make this a very safe car to be driven in cities.

Thus the amalgamation between the two great automakers has indeed offered their best product in the China auto market.

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