Indica e-Xeta 2011- Majestic in Design with Brilliant Performance

Tata Indica e Xeta Petrol car Indica e Xeta 2011  Majestic in Design with Brilliant Performance

Tata automaker has done extensive research to launch new cars which are certainly attractive and gorgeous. The color contrast is naturally excellent. The car runs well because of the insertion of the sophisticated tools and car upgradation devices to make the car more energy efficient. The fuel efficiency rate is comparatively high. Indica e-Xeta 2011 has fully upgraded interior car tuning accessories. The new car model performs marvelously to generate speed in twinkling of an eye.

The majestic beauty and mind blowing structural charisma of the vehicle are appreciable. Especially, the technical uniformity has been well maintained by using the most sophisticated tools and equipments. Basically, the letter ā€˜eā€™ is the prefix which has been attached to the title of Indica e-Xeta 2011. E stands for economic, environment-friendly and elegance. E-Xeta is the new brand name which symbolizes the excellent modification of the exterior and interior parts of the car compartment.

Indica e-Xeta 2011 car is equipped with sophisticated remote controlled interlocking system, childcare lock, fog lamp fixtures, ergonomic steering wheel, AUX porting system with Bluetooth interface. Indica e-Xeta 2011 is fueled by petrol and LPG gasoline product. Maximum torque level is 99.NM @ 2700 rpm. LPG charged engine produces 100NM @2600 rpm. Hydraulic transmission attachment of the vehicle is more flexible and result oriented. Indica car is famous for high quality service and durability. Now after much investigation, experts have finally given concrete shapes to the new model which is far better than its predecessors in terms of performance and longevity.

The car is upgraded with automatic transmission which brings perfection to the delivery of torque from the engine to the rear wheelbases in more scientific way. Carbon emission rate is comparatively low whereas the interior design of the car is superb.

The tire bands are made of good quality rubber. The resultant effect of the proper fixation of the car wheelbases is to generate more negative camber with good traction to face angles of the streets, lanes and congested passages more competently. The rear boot lid of the vehicle is properly adjustable and easy to maintain. This is the car which is totally eco-friendly.

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