Italian Sports Car to set free 2012 458 Grand Am

web458grandam Italian Sports Car to set free 2012 458 Grand Am

All time favorite sports car makers, Ferrari has now focused its vision on the cars of North American majestic Am series. Now, Ferrari has planned to compete with the cars of this section by introducing its all new 458 Italia Grand Am model. Today the car has been taken for the test drive it moved along the tracks of Fiorano circuit and successfully completed several laps while driven through Maurizio Mediani and Jaime Melo.

The brand new racing edition from the original sports car makers has been manufactured jointly by Ferrari in amalgamation with Michelotto Automobili. This racing model is inspired from the European GT3 edition of the 458 Italia. But it is very different in features, the European version has limited features, its motor mechanism is not efficient in handling the aerodynamic system correctly as well as the under-tuned V8 producing 500 hp due to the various regulations in the American category.

The car does not have a proper ABS or a traction monitoring mechanism. But it is equipped with an improved braking system. Few other differences in comparison to the GT3 may be identified as the tough roll-over bar that helps in preventing the car from damage due to frequent collisions in racing track. The car is also equipped with special upgraded tires providing tough performance and strong grip.

The new racing car from Ferrari has already grabbed the attention of the sports car lover across the world. Their response on the internet shows that they have not only liked the mechanism, but also praised highly of the safety measures incorporated by the brain behind the creation.

Safety has been given priority while constructing this version. From the experience in sports car industry the maker are confident that since the cars of this section faces major challenge during the race, and frequently meet accident, they have rightly used the lateral protection mechanism for additional safety.

All these features make the car a very special item in the sports car market.

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