Jaguar confirms XF wagon

2012 Jaguar XF Wagon Jaguar confirms XF wagon

Team Jaguar is ready to introduce its new model, Jaguar WF wagon within a very short period. XF Vehicle Engineer Manager, Andrew Whyman, when asked about the launching date, he informed Carsales, “ I can’t say when or how much, but it is on the cards”. And now its time for the car lovers across the world to wait for the XF wagon version of Jaguar.

Thorough studies on the cars confirm that with the new model XF, Jaguar is willing to explore the wagon market of Europe. Their detailed market study also confirms that people in Europe prefers wagons more than the US car lovers. Currently there is no clear information from the XF’s office about their plans of introducing the car in US. They are further apprehensive about selling it in US, since their market survey confirms that the BMW and Audi wagons of 5 series and A6 series could not be sold in United States.

Jaguar spokesperson further added that “It will be slightly different, with character and panache”. His statement gives vague information about the new technicalities on the most awaited model. Very little information is available on how the engineers have decided to make it a completely different model in the XF car category. The makers have also not confirmed about the introductory dates or the price of the wagon. They have just conveyed that they plan to introduce Jaguar XF wagon to the car lovers.

Regarding the launching of the car across globe, in December 2010, the global brand director of Jaguar Company remarked “we would see it shortly”. He did not mention clearly about launching it in US or Europe. As said earlier the makers are not confident about introducing it in US but will surely launch the new and stylish Jaguar XF wagon in Europe.

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