JP1 Supercar- More Dynamic

JP1 Supercar 5 JP1 Supercar  More Dynamic

JP1 Supercar 1 JP1 Supercar  More Dynamic

JP1 Supercar 4 JP1 Supercar  More Dynamic

Joss Development Limited has launched JP1 supercar. It is a one-off car model which has already been showcased at the Australian car show. This car will definitely attract customers in Australia.

So far as the technical specifications of this car are concerned, the new vehicle is equipped with a 6.6 liter capacitated V8 engine. This vehicle can cover 224 mph. According to experts, this sophisticated car runs more speedily than its predecessors. Its speed is 12mph faster than the old version. At the Australian International Motor Show, the one-off car model of JP1 range will be displayed. Experts are very much enthusiastic about the overall performance level of the car.

At first, cars will be brought to the market in a fleet of 25 vehicles. Gradually, the number will increase. JP1 variants are eco-friendly and energy efficient. The fuel economy of the vehicle is always praiseworthy. In an interview, experts have pointed out different portions of the vehicle. First of all, the drive train is superb in functionality. The power train is functional with excellent capability to generate torque to re-activate car wheels.

JP1 car engine is capable of generating 500 hp. The aluminum based V8 engine is durable and easy to operate. The condition of the manual transmission is really excellent whereas the other car upgradation accessories like dampers, carbon diffusers and exhaust systems are kept in safe and under control. The sprinting time of the car is just 6.0 seconds to cover 160 km/h. The compartment of the car is also upgraded with durable car seats, odometer, speedometer, ergonomic steering wheels and tachometer. The durable dashboard is decorated with a powerful binnacle for road mapping.

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