Kia to Disclose V8 RWD sports car

Kia V8 RWD sports car 3 Kia to Disclose V8 RWD sports car

Kia V8 RWD sports car 1 Kia to Disclose V8 RWD sports car

Kia V8 RWD sports car 8 Kia to Disclose V8 RWD sports car

Kia V8 RWD sports car 4 Kia to Disclose V8 RWD sports car

Kia seems to have changed its image from maker of inexpensive car to an automaker which is rather sophisticated and a comprehensible variety. Former Volkswagen designer Peter Schreyer was hired by the company to give its range a unique style file.

What is the cool feature of this car is its capability to run in irregular water instead of regular petrol or diesel, if the report produced by What Car is appropriate.

This Korean Car maker still wants to develop its image by producing an aureole car, which definitely is far sportier than its predecessors and this will change the company’s image drastically, according to a British automobile magazine. Kia is planning to implement this by launching Back-wheel driven, V8 power-driven sports motor in forthcoming Motor Show, which is scheduled to take place in September in Frankfurt.

This V8 Coupe is to be shown in Frankfurt as of a chain of perceptions, whereas a new groundwork is being arranged for the show titled North American International Auto Show, Detroit, supposedly scheduled to take place in next January. 2 of these concepts will be built on Kia’s forthcoming colossal sedan, which is targeting North American market.

Some rumor about it is being heard these days that this specific model is going to brood an assembly model which might help it to be featured into the arcade by way of initial as 2015.

However there are more in the pipeline still. Kia is also thinking over a reduced and far more inexpensive sporting coupe to outdone its predecessors like Volkswagen Scirocco, Mazda MX-5, Miata Fighter and Megane Coupe of Renault’s, as said by a British Car Magazine.

Another Source suggested that Kia is looking forward to make sizzling hatchbacks which is entirely constructed on the concept of Rio and Cee’d, and some other sport car maker.

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