Maserati Increases Volume of Sales

2012 Maserati Kuba SUV 1 Maserati Increases Volume of Sales

Maserati has world wide reputation. It has achieved success and fame by releasing cars which are luxurious, eco-friendly and more fuel economic. However, Maserati is also planning to increase the volume of sales. These sophisticated cars will have more capability, power and energy efficiency. The company has opted for a growth oriented project to increase the sales of new babies up to 50,000 models with brand new features.

A short analytical description can help consumers to make proper selection in this connection. In a news room, the CEO of Maserati has told reporters that M157 model is light weight, energy efficient with excellent operating systems. This car is supposed to be released in the market soon. Maybe in the next year, this new model will be seen with budget friendly price tags. M157 car model is equipped with 3.0 liter engine with six cylinders. This powerplant is turbocharged on the basis of diesel propelled 3.0 liter capacitated V6 powertrain which is mainly found in Jeep Grand Cherokee.

However, if you like specious car models, you should prefer Quattroporte which is more flexible in functionality. To top it all, it provides ample space to passengers for undergoing excellent trips without facing any trouble in the long run. Maserati SUV will be properly upgraded and tuned depending on Grand Cherokee which is further upgraded with a 4.7 liter capacitated V8 engine. This powerplant generates 450 hp. The interior design of the car is unique and up to the mark. The vehicle runs well without putting persons in danger as the experts have applied innovative technology to ensure better car upgradation process.

All these cars are not bad in quality and experts claim that in future people will show their inclination to buy Maserati cars for enjoying trips. Maserati is a world famous car maker. It has also goodwill for making the honest dealing with customers. In an interview, the CEO of the company has announced that new futuristic cars will be seen in the national and international markets very soon.

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