Mercedes S Class by Carlsson- A Short Review

2012 Mercedes S Class W221 by Carlsson Mercedes S Class by Carlsson  A Short Review

2012 Mercedes S Class W221 by Carlsson 2 Mercedes S Class by Carlsson  A Short Review

2012 Mercedes S Class W221 by Carlsson 1 Mercedes S Class by Carlsson  A Short Review

Mercedes S Class has been given new shape by Carlsson. This car has more dynamic and attractive features. Experts have put emphasis on the accentuation of structural aesthete of the car using the mind blowing color contrast. S 600 L and the S 63 AMG variants will be properly taken care of under the car upgradation and tuning programs.

Carlsson Mercedes S 600 L has the latest car upgradation features. This vehicle can run swiftly during rainy seasons. The torque generating capacity of this vehicle is high as it releases approximate 1024 NM torque. The car sprinting capacity is excellent. The car can gallop from 0 to 100 km per hour within the time range of 4.3 seconds. The topmost speed of the vehicle is 320 km per hour.

S 600 L car is more eco-friendly and fuel economic. The engine which lies inside the compartment of the car is naturally functional and good. In terms of performance, the car can outperform other vehicles in its segment. In a news release, few days back one of the representatives of the company has told reporters that the vehicle is more excellent with aerodynamic shape.

Carlsson has done proper car tuning by using the sophisticated tools and equipments. Retractable car seats with squads inside the car cabin are durable and majestic in design. The reclining features of the ergonomic squads are conducive to the safekeeping of the passengers. The aged persons will not be injured as proper safety protection has been given to make the seats more user-friendly and soft to touch. The leather insulated upholsters inside the car cabin are naturally standard in quality.

Inside the cockpit of the car, therein lie a number of easy to operate electronic devices like odometer, tachometer and street nav systems for ensuring better performance. The light weight aluminum based pedals; footstep plates and the ergonomically designed steering wheel are some of the excellent car upgradation tools which have been assembled with perfection.

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