Mitsubishi Montero identified as world’s best sports car

mitsubishi montero review Mitsubishi Montero identified as world’s best sports car

The name Mitsubishi Montero needs no introduction. Apart from the highly accepted Lancer, this Mitsubishi Montero or Pajero, is one of the best car ever manufactured by the Japanese car makers. Any car admirer would immediately recognise the legendary Mitsubishi Montero as the best car on the street or on the racing tracks.

Based on the track record of World rally Championship, often Mitsubishi Montero has been termed as best sports car. Slowly the appreciation of Mitsubishi Montero has helped it in making its place among the regular street cars. The sports car connoisseurs across the world, loves to drive the tough cars like Mitsubishi Montero.

The Mitsubishi Montero latest model has V 6 engine to provide some 200 HP on the drive. According to the Japanese car engineers a 3.5 liter engine is best suited for such high performance rally cars. Hence they have not upgraded any such mechanism in the current model.

Even the look and appearance of the Mitsubishi Montero new model has hardly any changes to be mentioned. The new version experiences some basic upgradation which is a result of continuous research for three years. The new model is taller than its earlier models. The elevated height of the Pajero helps it to drive smooth through the rough and muddy roads or explore through floods and jungle. As an adventure car features like comfort and safety has always given special priority. The newly installed upgraded suspension mechanism allows the driver to experience less vibration while crossing through rough speed breakers and bad roads.

Initially “Mitsubishi” was known for its regular cars. Slowly and steadily they have upgraded their technical aspect and with the help of continuous research and intellectual team work they have offered the world few of the finest sports cars that the world has ever seen before.

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