New 2012 Lincoln MKT price dropped at $ 3,000

Lincoln MKT 2012 1 New 2012 Lincoln MKT price dropped at $ 3,000

New Lincoln 2012 version failed to impress the car lovers when it was first introduced in the auto car market across world. The team Lincoln therefore decided to reintroduce the model at a comfortable and discounted rate. Apart from the price, there is hardly any prominent modification that can be noticed in the model. By keeping the appearance and the apparatus of the car unchanged, the automakers has just reworked on the MKT by replacing the four wheel drive with essential – aspirated 3.7 liter V6 from the series and

by decreasing the rate of the model with 355 HP 3.5 Liter EcoBoost V6 available between $3,000 to $46,295.

Based on the above mentioned specifications, the New Lincoln 2012 MKT series is available at various prices. The beginner’s model of MKT is equipped with four wheel drive front part supported with non turbocharged engine. The V 6 270Hp 3.7 liter powder-puff engine remains unchanged too. This new model is available at $44,300 only.

The foundation of the MKT is perfectly balanced with 3.7 liter V 6 that has the sustaining capacity till 17mpg if run within the city. The version can further support a 24mpg drive on highway roads. The fuel consumption of this car is not too high, and has been recorded between 3.5 liter Ecoboost with 16mpg and 23 mpg or 18 mpg depending on the nature and style of the drive.

This model also allows the potential buyers to choose between a six or seven seated capacity version. Therefore depending on the personal choice and requirement the buyer may freeze on his favourite Lincoln crossover either with a single or a double rowed seating arrangement. Armed with all these above mentioned prominent alterations, the manufacturers now hope to impress their potential purchasers and make a mark in the auto car market of the world.

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