New Audi TT RS available in US just at $ 56,850

2012 Audi TT RS New Audi TT RS available in US just at $ 56,850

2012 Audi TT RS 2 New Audi TT RS available in US just at $ 56,850

Its time for celebration for all Sports car lovers, the new Audi TT RS model is now available in US market, and as an introductory offer, the buyers can avail the car at a discounted rate, starting at just $ 56,850. This rate does not include any taxes, dealer or delivery charges.

The brand new Audi TT RS US edition is powerful than the already existing European model. This US version has been upgraded with a five cylinder controlled 2.5 liter powerful engine from TFSI which can deliver about 360 Hp. The power engine driven also supports 343 Lb ft torque connecting 1650 and 5400 rpm. This same model is available with 340 HP capacities and 450 NM in the UK market.

The four wheel drive in the new Audi TT RS 2012 is controlled with quattro mechanism and a 6 speed gearbox that can be monitored manually. These additional features help the car, TT RS to run at a speed between 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. TT RS, the perfect Sports car is now available for US residents, can run at a top speed of 174mph.

Like other Audi Cars, this one too has similar attractive look of an Audi model. For a perfect sporty experience the TT RS has special suspension feature that can be dynamically adjusted as and when needed, it is also equipped with a 19 inched modified wheels made from alloy, an unmovable wing at the back-end, visible body projection and external mirror board in non glossy aluminum.

Other regular features comprise off 3 beamed sporty and multifunction controlling wheel, RS logo placed door sills made of aluminum, inside door handles are also made as per RS specification, for comfortable ride hi tech power driven front seats with leather cover has been used and LED lighting for perfect ambiance illumination.

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