New Match model from Volkswagen

2011 Volkswagen Polo Match New Match model from Volkswagen

Recently the team Volkswagen has decided to introduce the new sports “Polo” match model at a better rate and with fine feature. In short, a value for money new 2011 Polo car from Volkswagen has been introduced in the market.

2011 Volkswagen Polo Match model is equipped with 650 GBP valued accessories, this 2011 Polo Match model from Volkswagen company is available at a price starting at 11, 300 GBP supporting 1.2 liter 60PS non – automatic version. Appearance wise, few features can be mentioned, and those are, the 15 inch long alloy, upgraded fog lights fitted at the front head and temperature moderating coloured window pane. The interior has been carefully designed so as to provide a very comfortable ride.

2011 Volkswagen Polo Match model is installed with special features from interior, such as, a non automatic air conditioning machine that has to be manually controlled, a new age RCD 310 radio cum CD player for listening music, a multitasking workstation, ideal connection facility of the iPod system, power windows and as safety measure a central locking system to keep it safe.

Like any Polo sports model car, this one too is equipped with four airbags, in case of emergency the airbags can be used for all 3 door or 5 door versions. The engine mechanism supports a 3 cylindered 1.2 liter 60 PS capacities and 1.4 liter 85 PS petrol capacities consuming only 1.2 liter 75 PS diesel.

As a standard feature, all Volkswagen 2011 Polo match cars supports 5 speed transmission power. All these above mentioned features make it one of the best polo cars in the market.

So its time now, for all Polo players to try their hands in driving this newly introduced Polo matched car from Volkswagen which is available at a pocket friendly price.

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