Opel Fuel Cell Vehicle confirmed for the year 2015

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Adam OpelAG, short formed to Opel is a German automobile company which was founded in 1862by Adam Opel. Opel has been building automobiles since 1899, and became an AG in 1929. The company is headquartered in Russelsheim, Germany, and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the American General Motors Company since 1929. Opel has announced that it will invest around 11 billion Euros in the next five years. One billion of that is designated solely for the development of innovative and fuel-saving engines and transmissions.

Opel has now finally launched its Open Fuel Cell Vehicle. This vehicle comprises of wireless data transfer system. It helps the engineers to upload the vehicle data to the company’s server directly. The dealers of Opel in Berlin are equipped with personnel and tools necessary for fuel cell vehicles. This car stacks 440 single cells which combine hydrogen and oxygen from the air to produce electricity. This produces water vapour as the only product and hence the emissions which come from the car are absolutely nil. It has an acceleration of 0-62 mph in just 12 seconds.

The electric motor’s instant torque characteristics also give the vehicle an excellent pick-up from low speed. The HydroGen4 is fitted with a1.8 kWh buffer battery to store energy from the vehicle’s regenerative braking system and cover peak electrical loads. The three carbon-fibre composite tanks hold 4.2 kg of hydrogen at a pressure of 700 bars, sufficient for an operating range of up to320 kilometres. Opel is now making sure of the fact that the cars they produce are environment friendly and have zero carbon dioxide emissions. Although this car hasn’t been released, after being tested it has got a positive response from the people as it is very environment friendly.

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